Computers, cameras, cars: Cam. I am a computer science graduate student living in Cambridge, MA. In my spare time, which I often confuse with "all of my time", I tinker with the world around me, often through the three aforementioned lenses, starting many projects and concluding none (although this website has at least arrived at a relatively stable state of construction).

My past lives have taken me through several mechanical engineering projects, a mere 14 U.S. states and 5 countries, four cars, and just a few computer science and engineering jobs, with the occasional writing gig. I completed my undergraduate studies at MIT, a stone's throw from where I spent my formative years, and where I am currently working towards my Master's degree (focusing on - unsurprisingly alliteratively - compilers (and program analysis)).

Most recently, I took the fall semester off from school to travel and work on projects and photography, much of which I plan to document further on this site. If you're interested in working with me on anything you think I'd find interesting - photos, software, robots, living in a van - or just have questions, please drop me a line!